Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Computer Guided Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

computer-guided-dental-implant-surgeryGuided implant surgery is the most advanced dental implant placement technique available today and uses a patient’s CT images to plan implant surgery through computer software. Conventional implant planning via panoramic x-ray images has its limitations as precise execution according to the surgery plan is often difficult. However, guided implant surgery can be executed accurately and precisely as planned.

Guided implant surgery requires the following:

  • Medical or Cone-beam CT
  • Guided implant surgery dental implant kit
  • Custom surgical template created for each individual patient case
  • Implant planning software such as NobelGuide™

NobelGuide™ is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementation software system from Nobel Biocare that incorporates 3-D CT scans, sophisticated computer CAD-CAM software, and biomedical engineering; all coming together to enable Dr. Steven Koos to carry out implant procedures with unrivaled accuracy and ease and to provide patients with the best implant experience for practically all types
of tooth replacement needs.

Major patient benefits of computer guided dental implant placement:

Increased Predictability and Safety

By planning your treatment and transforming this into a surgical template there is a higher degree of safety and predictability compared to “freehand” implant placement.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

This treatment method reduces discomfort and swelling considerably for our patients compared to conventional treatment. The new concept also reduces the number and duration of appointments for our patients, which means fewer interruptions in everyday life.