I want dentures. Where do I start?

dentures ChicagoAfter a patient has lost an entire arch of teeth, replacing those teeth and restoring an attractive, functional smile becomes a top priority.

Many patients initially consider dentures as a prosthetic replacement for absent teeth. They may meet with a general dentist or a prosthodontist for a consultation to learn more about this treatment option.

However, for many patients, conventional dentures fall short of the desired treatment outcomes and promises.  Standard dentures lose their fit over time as the jaw’s contour changes, which is a consequence of tooth loss. Furthermore, some patients find dentures to be uncomfortable and inefficient at chewing, bulky and cumbersome.  Many patients feel excessively “old” due to having conventional dentures.

These patients may want to consider a superior alternative, like All-on-4 dental implants, which offer uncompromising stability and better functioning, and give patients the look and feel of real teeth that are permanently attached.

With the All-on-4 technique, an oral surgeon will place four dental implants toward the front of the jaw to secure the fixed bridge appliance, which is designed to slide into place atop the implants and be secured to them. The procedure takes just a few hours and is completed in the oral surgeon’s office with the general dentist finalizing the teeth that same day.

Dental implants improve on standard dentures in a number of ways. First of all, implants are made of titanium, and the surrounding bone is capable of forming a bond with that material. Consequently, the implants become a permanent part of the mouth’s structure, replicating a biological tooth’s root.

That structural similarity to a tooth’s root helps the implant to stabilize the jaw and reduce its erosion. The shape of the jaw remains more stable, and the appliance keeps its fit better.

Additionally, the physical connection between the prosthetic and the jawbone helps to make the appliance more effective at chewing. Patients with implant-supported dentures generally can continue to enjoy all of their favorite foods, which they would otherwise have had to give up with conventional dentures.

Patients who have suffered tooth loss should consider a number of different interventions, including conventional dentures and All-on-4. Be sure to discuss all of the advantages and disadvantages of each option with a dentist and an oral maxillofacial surgeon so that you can decide on the appliance and treatment that will help you achieve your goals.

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